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If you would like to get a hold of us, try the following e-mails,

Lu Figarella   (or try, but that's internmittent)
    Skype: luis.figarella

Elizabeth Figarella

Luis Figarella Jr.

Elizabeth S. Figarella

For now, the cats (or Coco) do not have an e-mail, so send e-mail for them care of any of us.
On this site:
WBC March 2009
NOLA Party Pictures


Trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina in May 2008


Colegio de La Salle Clase del 1977 (Class info and Reunion shots)

Professional Links: (aka, the Things I've been up to...)

Matrix Patent Agency

Print at Home Ticketing Company

Figarella Links:

      Edgar y Sonia Marrero

Travel Reources:

        If you go to the Dominican Republic,
        check with Nelson Fermin for ground transportation

Figarella Village in Corsica

Useful Links:

Free Anti-Virus Software - I like eFax to receive, but they charge $16.95 a month to send. Greenfax simply charges as you use,

                      no monthly fee. Love it!



Wall of Shame:

Save yourself the effort, whatever you do, do not use the following providers:


    Lingo VoIP - From crappy service to unfulfilled promises to bogus disconnect charges.

            Even the Internet does not have enough memory capacity to list how crappy

            these people are.

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